Appendix II Accessibility Audit

Appendix II Accessibility Audit

An Accessibility Audit (also known as Disabled Access Audit) is an assessment of a building, an environment or a service against best-practice standards to benchmark its accessibility to disabled people. The checklist below will help you assess getting to your premises, ease of navigating around the building, the environment and the facilities available. The responses to the questions will then help you to develop an accessibility action plan. You may also wish to undertake an accessibility audit in relation to your online and digital systems and products.

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Getting to you   



 Y/N  Comments 

Do you have a section on your website about transport to and parking facilities at your premises?


Is there car parking which is easy to access and close to the building?        


Is there designated parking for blue badge holders in the nearby car parking?  


Is there adequate space for drop off and pick-up outside the entrance?     


Is the approach to the building in good order and step free?  


Do you have clear signage and directions to the main entrance and the most accessible entrance (if that is not the main entrance)?  



Entering the building



 Y/N Comments

Are there any steps to access the main entrance?  


Is a handrail provided by any level change such as ramp or steps?        


If there are steps, is there an alternative entrance or is there access via ramp or lift to provide step-free access to the building?     


Are there clear instructions on how to access the alternative entrance or how to request assistance?     


Is there a buzzer or speaker entry system? Is this accessible to people who cannot speak or hear?     


Is there someone available to provide assistance if there are difficulties entering the building?   


Is access across the door threshold level or is there a gradient? Can all wheelchairs pass through without difficulty?        


Are entrance doorways easily opened?  


Is there adequate space both sides of the door?  


Is the reception area easy to locate from the entrance? Is it clearly signposted?    



Navigating within the building



Y/N Comments

Is the reception area clearly signposted and easy to locate from the entrance?        


Is the entrance easily visible to staff so they can see if someone needs assistance?     


Are doorways and access routes wide enough for wheelchairs?  


Are access routes kept clear?  


Are corridor widths at least 120cm wide?    


Is the flooring solid, level and in good condition? 


Is the signage clear and easy to understand?    


Are maps of the building available to help people navigate?        


Is the building well-lit throughout? It is important to realise that people will have different lighting requirements 


Does the floor surface create a glare?     


Is there step-free access to all areas on each floor?      


If rooms/floors are inaccessible, can visitors be hosted in alternative rooms that are accessible?      



A comfortable environment



Y/N Comments

If there is a reception desk does it have a lowered height section for wheelchair users.        


Is there a range of seating available to accommodate for different needs? This should be different seating heights and some chairs with arms     


Are there induction loop facilities available?   


Do all staff know how to use the induction loop?     


Can any televisions and/or radios be turned off when necessary to reduce background noise? Or is there a quieter area that visitors can use.      


Are staff well trained and informed to assist with visitors’ needs?       






Y/N Comments

Are there handrails on both sides of the stairs?      


Are the steps consistent in size and shape?    


Are the edges of the steps clearly visible?      


Are the access routes well maintained and always kept clear?     







Y/N  Comments

Do you have lifts available to all floors?     


Are the lifts well signposted? 


Is the lift at least 110cm wide and 140cm deep?     


Are the controls within the lift accessible? (E.g. easy to reach, buttons with braille)        


Is there a mirror to assist with maneuvering?        


Have the lifts been mentioned on your website?        


Do you provide information to visitors to let them know if the lift is not available?        


Is someone responsible for regular maintenance and daily checks?        



Accessible facilities 



Y/N Comments

Is there an accessible toilet on the ground floor?        


If not on the ground floor, are there other accessible facilities elsewhere in the building.        


Are there support bars to help with the transfer between the chair and the toilet?        


Does the toilet have an assistance alarm which drops all the way to the ground level and isn’t tied around anything? Does the cord have two red handles, on 10cm and another 80cm – 100cm above ground level?  


Is the toilet clear of obstacles and wide enough for a wheelchair user to turn their chair around inside? Standard size should be at least 220cm long x 150cm wide.        


Are facilities positioned at an appropriate height for wheelchair users? E.g. sinks, hand dryers, mirrors      


Do you have an accessible showering facility?      


Does the shower have plenty of space for wheelchair users with appropriate seating?        


Are these facilities well maintained and frequently checked?        






Y/N Comments

Do you ask anyone attending a meeting if they have particular requirements?       


Is the equipment and furniture easily accessible?     


Do meeting rooms have adequate space for wheelchairs?    


Can furniture be moved to accommodate different people’s requirements?        


Are the meeting rooms soundproof or free from background noise?        


Are the acoustics in the room good (there is no echo)?


Do you have policies for inclusive meetings?   


Do you have guidelines for accessible meetings?   



Evacuation procedures



Y/N  Comments

Are there policies and procedures in place for assisting disabled people with evacuation from your building?


Are first aiders available?    


If any fire drills are expected is this communicated in advance?        


Are the fire alarms audible and visible to all? Do you have flashing lights and sound alarms?




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