Appendix III Accessibility action plan


Accessibility action plan

Purpose of the plan

The purpose of this accessibility action plan (“Plan”) is to set out how we improve access for disabled people to our service in accordance with the duty set out at Section 37 of The Prevention of Discrimination (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2022.  

As an organisation, we are committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects, and this includes in the delivery of our services. This Plan sets out how we will seek to achieve that objective, as well as how progress will be reviewed and monitored.

[Insert explanation of the nature of your service that is covered by the Plan, the identified barriers that have been identified, and what consultation has taken place]

[Insert here your organisation’s short, medium and long-term goals]


[Insert how will the Plan be promoted both internally and externally to service users]

[Will the Plan be published, and if so to who and in what form?]
[Will progress against the Plan be published, and if so to who and in what form?]


[Who is responsible within your organisation for the implementation of the plan, and ensuring the goals are achieved]

[How will the Plan be implemented]


[How will progress against the Plan be monitored and measured]

[How and when the implementation of the Plan will be formally reviewed by key stakeholders]

[How and when will feedback be obtained on the implementation of the Plan from service users]

[What is the process for a service user to follow if they are unhappy with the Plan or its implementation and has that been effectively communicated]


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